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I've been having a real hard time finding a real good fish fry around the Lake Country/Waukesha areas. The last few that I've had have been too breaded, too soggy, or disappointing portion-wise. I mean, not too long ago, I ordered a fish sandwich at Tally's, and the fish was just a long skinny piece, making the sandwich just fillings and bread with a little fish. Apparently that place can be hit or miss; the first time we went there, I had the Chimichurri Salmon, and it was so good! The next time (and we haven't been back since), the fish sandwich was disappointing, as was Mike's fish fry.

But I digress. Tally's is not the point of this post. The Delafield Brewhaus is why we have gathered here today. First, they have recently (within the last year maybe) updated their menu. They even have the Impossible burger as an option! Hooray for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, because it is a damn good substitution for the real thing. Along with this update, both the beer and food, in my opinion, have gotten exponentially better.

Enter the fish fry. No, scratch that, because I got soup first. Enter beer cheese soup, of which I do not have a picture because I consumed it so fast. The temperature was perfect - I basically drank it down. Perfect balance of beer and cheese, literally the two best food groups on this planet.

Ordered the fish fry. Wonderful and a great substitute when you can't, you know, drive to Rhinelander every weekend for the Al-Gen DInner Club (which is and always will be my absolute favorite fish fry). The fish was perfectly breaded, not over-breaded (ex. People's Park, but don't hate because everything else is generally good), and not greasy. I think each of us got 4 pieces of fish, which was more than enough. I may also be saying that since I enjoyed the previously mentioned beer cheese soup. I brought home 2 pieces of fish.

The fries were good, especially dipped in the tartar sauce. To be honest, this is the only way french fries should be consumed. The coleslaw was good, the rye bread was rye bread.

I had a seasonal beer to compliment this delicious dish - the hopenteufel hazy double IPA. This was not the only seasonal IPA on tap; there was a seasonal imperial IPA which was too malty for my taste. The hoppier, the better for me. IPAs have pretty much ruined every other beer for me. Lagers are too light, ambers are too malty, and stouts and porters are hit or miss in the winter.

Obviously I saved room for dessert before I even started this quest. I saw Rumchata bread pudding with salted caramel ice cream on the menu and knew right then and there that it needed to happen. And it did. And I brought some home.

13/10, did enjoy.

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