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Traveling to The Spanish Traveler

A Mexican restaurant near us closed and another opened in its place.

Sorry, Taco Amigo, you were no match for The Spanish Traveler.

It was Danny's 2nd birthday, so of course we had to go to the pet bakery to celebrate. He picked out treats from the nice lady at the counter and even got some samples.

Naturally, as any birthday should have, Mike and I decided to celebrate with takeout. Honestly, it was between the Indian food truck that has made an appearance in Waukesha or The Spanish Traveler. We ate tikka masala all week so opted for the latter.

We ordered online; the ordering process is simple and easy to navigate through. Mike ordered the Spansih Traveler Citizen Plate, which were 2 chicken chimichangas; one with mole sauce and one with almond... sauce..., rice, and papas. I got the Vegetarino Burrito (I was sold by it having cactus as an ingredient) and upgraded to include 2 sides and a drink. The sides I chose were papa and yuca fritas and a mini salad and I got the agave vanilla cream soda as my beverage.

All the flavors of my burrito complimented each other, especially while using the sauce to clean up any fillings that tried to escape my wrath. The mini salad was the perfect size and a light side with powerful flavor. The fritas were good, and I love me some potatoes, but they were also soft and I don't think they would have reheated well. The agave vanilla cream soda was the perfect touch to dinner. It was refreshing on a hot day and not overly sweet.

We both basically licked our boxes clean and had some heavy breathing for awhile. 10/10, check out The Spanish Traveler in Pewaukee. We will be going back and next time, saving room for the fried ice cream.

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