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This Tyger, Not so Easy

What I mean to say is, I was torn between Ahi tuna poke nachos and miso ramen. This was me for probably the first 15 minutes we were there:

As you can see, the nachos were the winner in this scenario, but everything at Easy Tyger was great.

We went with a couple friends before the David Gray concert last week. I am typically not a gin fan, but the In Bloom drink was awesome and I couldn't even taste the gin. We all started with the fried brussels sprouts, which I certainly would have been happy not sharing with anyone. I justified the nachos over the ramen with the excuse that it was hot out (which, to be fairrrr, it was). I know it doesn't look like the nachos were topped with much, but I assure you, once you started moving everything around, there was much much more hidden in the depths of the dish. Don't let the description sway you:

Marinated raw yellowfin tuna, jalapeno, grapefruit, wakame salad, avocado-wasabi puree, crispy wonton chips

And, not to brag or anything, but I ate the whole thing.

While the boys talked about Pokemon, the girls ordered dessert and some rose. We got the chocolate tarte, which came with Earl Grey creme anglaise and raspberries. Boyfriends were not amused.

The portions were perfect, the service was great, the drinks kept coming. A good experience and would recommend to anyone for a nice night out on the East Side.

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