• Kaylan

Swordfish Specialty

I don't usually get all fancy with things like swordfish steaks, but the Pig had a sale and I wasn't about to pass up something I don't normally get. These steaks, even though I froze them after purchase, were still so juicy and delicious after grilling (this also goes for the Ahi tuna steaks in a previous post). The grill crisped up the jerk seasoning on it, which I loved. Crispy outside, savory inside.

We also had some Romaine hearts to use up that didn't get used in some spring rolls from earlier in the week, so I cut them in half and we grilled those up for some grilled salads. There were some cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil from the garden, croutons, and some Greek yogurt dressing (because, ya know, how do you feel bad about using dressing that is 35 calories per serving?). Nothing exotic, but everything tasty.

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