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Sunday, Part 1

My brother hit the dirty thirty last week. We were unable to attend his party, but we all agreed to meet for brunch at The Fogcutter on Sunday. There's no better way to get there than a nice little hour drive on back roads.

Nothing too exciting happened, just a bunch of chit chat between siblings and friends. AND, the consumption of a delicious breakfast sandwich. With cheesy hashbrowns. How much better can it get?

Sourdough, fried eggs, Swiss cheese, and tomatoes made this sandwich. When in doubt, choose sourdough. So versatile. So delicious.

Let's talk about the cheesy hashbrowns for a minute. They were better than Thanksgiving cheesy potatoes, and that is really saying a lot about cheesy potatoes. They were in a little soup crock and browned on top. Easily the best.

Wash it all down with a Bloody Mary and a Session IPA, and you've got yourself a winning breakfast.

On top of the food, the atmosphere is fun and the staff is friendly and accommodating. We let them though there would be about 8 of us, and they had tables pushed together when we arrived, as well as high chairs for the babes.

There's my nephew, also enjoy his brunch, which consisted of an English muffin with some jelly and a couple scrambled eggs. Notice the monstrosity that is the sandwich and cheesy browns.

Overall, we love The Fog and have no qualms driving an hour to get there.

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