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Something About Sabrosa

I'm sure many of us would agree that Sundays are for brunch. That's how a few of us from high school feel, anyway. Once a month or so, we try to get together for brunch somewhere and catch up.

This time, we picked Sabrosa Cafe in Milwaukee. We got mimosas with glitter to start while we looked over the menu. I eventually settled on the Tomato Omelette Ahogado. I'll let the description speak for itself:

Heirloom tomato omelette set in a pool of warm marinara; served with a hash brown cup filled with shaved parmesan, herbed chèvre, & gorgonzola; choice of toast or tortillas

As you can see above, it was an omelette swimming in marinara - which I am 100% not complaining about. It was fantastic. The flavors, the tomatoes, and the cheese RSVP'd to the party in my mouth.

Let's talk about the hash brown cup for a minute. It was delicious. If you don't enjoy potatoes (in any form) stuffed with cheese (in any form), well, it'll probably take me a minute to warm up to you.

We had another mimosa before heading to the bar to free up our table. Another brunch in the books.

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