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So This is Being an Adult?

Saturday was full of being an adult. As a child, going furniture shopping and selecting a new light fixture for the living room sounds as dull as watching paint dry. Saturday, I learned that it can be very exciting. Because it was.

We had an appointment at 10 to look at some furniture at a warehouse. It wasn't bad. We'll probably end up getting our new sofa from there. And I go on and on about sofas and kitchen tables and do you think I could get a better deal on Wayfair for some arm chairs? Spoiler: I did.

So after furniture but before new light fixture, we decided it was time for brunch. We settled on Cafe Hollander, since it was on the way from the warehouse and to Home Depot and Menard's. I usually find this place hit or miss, and this afternoon, it was a hit.

Mike had the Shakshuka, which he did not share with me =( and I decided to try the Smoked Beet and Tempeh Reuben. I will admit, I have been looking for a vegetarian-style Reuben for awhile. This didn't quite have the coriander/allspice/mustard/clove/dill flavor I was looking for, but it was still a damn good sandwich. I love beets, so there was no way this sandwich was going to be bad anyway.

The tempeh was lightly seasoned with... something. I couldn't tell since the beet and sauerkraut flavors outweighed whatever the tempeh was supposed to be. Texture was good, but definitely not comparable to corned beef. Frites 10/10. I do recommend this to any vegetarian or someone looking for a good veg sandwich outside the cold cut vegetables and hummus.

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