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Margaritas the Size of Your Face

Ok so there's this Mexican restaurant that is about 2 blocks from our house. They opened around the same time we moved in, which was the first time we went there. I can honestly say at this point, there was room for growth but it was still so good that we vowed to return.

We didn't return for about 9 months - I walked there to pick up dinner one night and we ate at home and it was so. good. The veggie quesadilla I had was all I could think about for 3 days after finishing it.

We recently returned for dinner because we were just tired of eating salads every day. The margaritas were much better than the first time we went there. They even have a banana margarita! I have never even heard of that being a flavor option for a margarita.

Anyway, these margaritas are the size of your face

I opted for fish tacos on homemade tortillas. These handmade tortillas are everything you could ever want from a Mexican restaurant. I could honestly go on for 7 hours about how good these tortillas are, but I think you'll just have to try them yourself. To me (and I'm probably wrong because I'm no expert at making Mexican food), the tortillas were if you took a tamale shell and flattened it into a tortilla.

Mike got some lengua (beef tongue) tacos and carne asada tacos. When asked how they were, he only had one word: "Fantastic."

In case you haven't figured it out, I love tacos. Can't wait for the next time we decide to take a walk and end up there.

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