• Kaylan

Love Me Some Mac & Cheese

I don't know what it is about this comfort food. Maybe it's my love of noodles and cheese that make it so appealing. If you're going to be unhealthy, might as well load up on carbs and fats, amirite? I tried to offset the total non-nutritional value by at least buying wheat noodles for this delicious situation. Which, of course, was counter productive, since I also bought a 5-pound bag of cheese for it.

There were also shrimp involved. Patagonian pink shrimp, to be exact. I can say that I definitely prefer these to Gulf shrimp. They are sweeter in flavor and don't have that weird shrimpy taste. I might not even buy Gulf shrimp again, that's how good they are.

Mike seasoned these shrimps with some Cajun seasoning and put some green peppers from the garden into the mac. As this mac was a bake, there was some evaporated milk added to hold it together. All in all, the spicy Cajun flavor with the sweet shrimp was a perfect pairing. And, of course, mac and cheese.

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