• Kaylan

I Never Thought of it That Way

I stopped at the Delafield Brewhaus after printing off some materials to help me study for my digital marketing certification because they had an apple ale on tap that I had been salivating about since the beginning of September. As luck would have it, I received their weekly email that lists the specials in it that morning, and crab stuffed jalapenos caught my eye. I never thought of stuffed jalapenos this way, and I will never think of them another way again... unless they are stuffed with mac and cheese or something, but that's for a different day.

I ordered a pint of the apple beer, then a growler, and then the stuffed jals to go. It was easily the tastiest decision I made today.

These peppers were not spicy, which is always a worry of mine when I get stuffed jalapenos, because I just want to taste the flavor and these flavors sounded too good not to taste - crab claw meat, roasted corn, cilantro, lime, onion, and cream cheese. Baked for a nice crispy top. I feel like there were about a million in my to-go box, but in reality it was like 6. Or 8.

Anyway, they were good and if they still have them when you go, you should have them.

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