• Kaylan

Homemade and Hearty

So there's this restaurant in downtown Waukesha that I've always wanted to try. Every time I go by it, it looks busy with people sitting outside and inside. It was a rainy Friday and we decided to try our Dave's Family Restaurant. Let me tell you... not disappointed at all.

The owner was slinging orders on the flat top grill and his girlfriend was waiting all the tables in the restaurant. Boyfriend ordered a gyro and feta omelette and I went for it and got three blueberry pancakes. These were the actual biggest pancakes I've ever seen, complete with fresh blueberries. The tzatziki sauce that came with the omelette was homemade and "it was fantastic with super great portion sizes," according to the boyfriend. He also asked for hot sauce and received homemade hot sauce instead of Tobasco. "It has tons of heat, tons of flavor. I expected generic hot sauce and was blown away by this homemade hot sauce."

My three pancakes were more than enough for a separate meal. I didn't really even need the butter or maple syrup I was provided, they were that good on their own.

The price was also very reasonable. We both got coffee and large entrees for less than $25. I would call that a win.

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