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Always Welcome at Tofte's Table

Aside from COVID affecting the regularity with which eat out, I have also been studying my butt off for the Certified Digital Marketing Professional exam for literally the last 6 months. It was probably close to 20 video hours, along with days of reading the transcripts and going over the slides and taking the practice quizzes. I am now certified through the American Marketing Association in partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute, holla!

To celebrate, Mike took me out to Tofte's Table, a small plates restaurant, right here in town. Despite me applying to work there when they first opened and us having had drinks there a few times, we had never eaten there. We have been missing out big time.

We sat outside on what was probably the last nice day of the year. There was a tasty selection to choose from:

As previously discussed, we don't really eat meat (I try to adhere to a pescatarian, mostly vegetarian, diet, but sometimes I just get a craving for some meat), so we went right for the sea creatures. We ordered the grilled octopus, tuna tartar, and scallops. Mike got himself an order of the braised short ribs.

The grilled octopus came first. Experience has taught me that there is a fine line between cooking the octopus correctly and deliciously and really cooking yourself a rubber band. This was grilled perfectly, it wasn't chewy, and had just a hint of grill taste. The crusty bread was buttered and complemented the grilled flavor. The lemon mustard vinaigrette on the greens was out of this world.

Next up was the tuna tartar.

I was super excited because there was yuzu involved, and I heckin love yuzu. For the uninformed, it is an Asian citrus fruit and tastes like lime and lemon combined. Mike spent his time laughing at me because I couldn't make it stay on the wonton. Whatever, it was still tasty.

Next up came the scallops. Holy cow, I could just pop these in my mouth as a snack and have the risotto as a side dish for the rest of my life. I don't know how many times I can say this, but the scallops and risotto were perfect. I think the most surprising flavor on that plate was the tomato vinaigrette since it isn't one I usually think about when I think about scallops and lemons and capers (oh, my!).

Not pictured because it got too dark and I *technically* wasn't eating it, are the short ribs (ok, ok, they tasted like pot roast and were soooo tender, but I only had a nibble) and the dessert of bread pudding (that one I ate almost all by myself). The bread pudding was so good, it was baked just enough to have a slight crunch on the outside but be super soft on the inside. It was served with some really good sauce and a cream that I could not tell you for the life of me what it was but I would suck it through a straw.

So anyway, Tofte's Table. 15/10.

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