• Kaylan

Been a Minute

Ok guys, it's been a seriously hot minute. Maybe even 2 minutes. As you all know, eating out has been very down for the last year for me (so sad), so on the rare occasions I do go out, I make sure to take some pictures.

HOWEVER... I haven't been eating out basically at all since November. In November, I finally decided I was tired of feeling (and looking!) like a tire. Time to make a change. I had kept seeing ads for this program called Noom so I figured, what the heck! and signed up. In 3 months, I lost 20 pounds and have been able to keep it off - and even lose a couple more pounds! I have tried not to sabotage all my loss by eating out, and instead, making recipes solely from the Noom app and the MyFitnessPal app. I am slowly starting to branch out into other food blogs, like:

Dieting, and weight loss in general, is a total mindf*ck. I have been trying to actually gain 2 pounds back but because I am terrified of seeing the scale go back up, I am self-sabotaging (no bueno either) by continuing to eat less than I should and working out harder than I should. So be careful when you decide to lose weight because it is nothing but a psychological game that is hard to win!

But I digress. I feel better, I feel stronger, and I am making good and healthy choices.

Every week we have been meal prepping these recipes, so check us out on Twitch!


Since now we are not eating out anywhere near as much as last year, I'll start posting our meal prep!